How To Build an Epic Charcuterie board

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How To Build an Epic Charcuterie board

Charcuterie boards are not just a culinary trend; they are an art form that combines flavor, texture, and presentation into an irresistible spread. Ideal for gatherings, parties, or even a cozy night in, a well-crafted charcuterie board is sure to delight your guests and your taste buds. In this guide, we’ll walk you through creating the perfect charcuterie board with a special focus on US Wellness Meats’ high-quality, pasture-raised products.

The Essentials of Charcuterie

MEAT: The Foundation of Your Board

When it comes to charcuterie, meat is the star. Sourcing high-quality, pasture-raised meats from US Wellness Meats ensures not only delicious taste but also ethical and sustainable choices.

Meats we love for a grazing board:

  • Classics like Summer Sausage, Paleo Choice Meat Sticks, Salami, and Sugar-Free Beef Franks.
  • Unique and nutritious options such as Grass-fed Beef Liverwurst and Chicken Braunschweiger.
Game Day Charcuterie

CHEESE: The Perfect Pair to Meats

No charcuterie board is complete without a selection of cheeses. Pairing meat with cheese creates a harmonious balance of flavors and textures.

Cheese we recommend for a grazing board:

  • A variety of Raw Grass-Fed Cheeses including Baby Swiss, Gouda, and Sharp Cheddar.

Adding Variety to Your Board


Beyond meats and cheeses, adding savory items can enhance the overall experience of your charcuterie board.

Savory items to consider:


Balancing savory flavors with sweet elements is key to a well-rounded charcuterie board.

Sweet items we love:

  • Askinosie Artisan Chocolates in various flavors.
  • Paleo Treats for a healthier sweet option.


Charcuterie boards are all about creativity and personalization. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different items.

Fun additions to try:

  • Grass-Fed Butter and Ghee for a rich, creamy texture.
  • Honey and BBQ Sauce for a sweet and savory kick.

Finishing Touches

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Incorporate fresh produce to add color and a refreshing element to your board.

Artisanal Breads and Crackers

Offer a variety of bread and cracker options to cater to all preferences.

Olives and Pickles

Include a range of pickled items for a tangy contrast.

Herbs and Edible Flowers

Garnish your board with fresh herbs and edible flowers for an elegant touch.

Creating the perfect charcuterie board is about blending flavors, textures, and colors to create a feast for the eyes and the palate. With these tips and a selection of quality ingredients from US Wellness Meats, you’re well on your way to becoming a charcuterie board master. Enjoy the process and let your culinary creativity shine!

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